„How to have a fun conversation again“

How to have a fun conversation again

My illustration for the text “How to have a fun conversation again” mostly depicts the power of sharing inspiration with one another to overcome difficult times.
At the same time, it is important to honestly talk about difficulties in our current situations. Re-connecting with other people after the lockdown due to the panedmic can be hard. Some people had it a lot more difficult than others and I wanted to show both sides, but at the same time create a bridge to show that it’s possibe to overcome the differences. Both of these sides are shown in my illustration as the left room, which is bright, colourful and filled with inspiration, and the right room, where a lonely person is sitting in darkness. However, these two rooms are connected, and one can brighten up the other just by sharing inspiration and emotion. Honest conversation can also help the other person to find beauty around them. In my illustration the stars symbolize the beauty that can be found; the light in the dark. The musical notes embody the inspiration, the connection between the two people, therefore they are the main focus in animation, too. The movement of the curtain helps to create a softer atmosphere.

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